A Plain Vanilla Alabama Boy

by Steve Pressley

While the US census ranks it in the upper 4 percent of surnames, not many people actually know someone named Lolley. The state where one is most likely to encounter a Lolley is Alabama.

Crossroads: King of Glory

by Jessica Asbell

The LORD Almighty is the King of glory. The earth is the LORD’s and everything in it. Praise the LORD! Sometimes we forget that everything is God’s and that God created everyone.

Formations 07.21.2024: Who’s Throne?

by Darrell Pursiful

In Daniel 5, we see Nebuchadnezzar’s dream from chapter 2 begin to come true.

Connections 07.21.2024: Shepherds and Sheep

by Kelley Land

How many shepherds do you know? I don’t know any myself. In fact, I rarely see sheep.

Scripture Matters: Wrestling with the Word

by Judson Edwards

In Genesis 32, Jacob has a mysterious wrestling match with an unknown assailant. Everything about that wrestling match is strange. The assailant is unnamed and unidentified.

A Worship Hour Outline: Dreams

by Daniel Bagby

We come to dream with you, Spirit of Hope. We confess that some of our dreams have been selfish ambitions, and that we have often been driven by personal gain and little interest in others or your will.

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