Of the Order of Balaam’s Donkey

by Rhonda Abbott Blevins

It was a rare opportunity for me to preach. In the Baptist Student Union (BSU) at the University of Georgia where I served as campus minister, the three campus ministers preached only a couple of times per year. I can’t recall what my sermon was about that evening or what biblical text I preached from, […]

How the Second Testament Came to Be

by Bill Thomason

Let’s engage in a thought experiment. Let’s assume that the Apostle Paul suddenly materializes in the midst of a Christian worship service today.

Crossroads: Greed

by Jessica Asbell

As an only child for seven years, there have been times in my life when I wasn’t great at sharing. Even now, I want to make sure someone is going to take really good care of my stuff before I let them borrow anything.

Formations 08.14.2022: A Humble Witness

by Kelley Land

Over the years, I’ve encountered many different types of witnesses for Christ. There was the screaming street preacher who promised eternal torment if we didn’t repent.

Connections 08.14.2022: Under a Cloud

by Nikki Finkelstein-Blair

The “cloud of witnesses” described in Hebrews 12:1 is one of the most beautiful, most encouraging images of our faith. It helps us imagine the way we are connected to all who came before us.

Fight or Flight

by Steve Pressley

“No one ever loathed conflict more than Jesus.” So observed Randall Lolley as he addressed the congregation on Sunday morning, in the early months of his First Baptist Church pastorate in Greensboro.

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