Formations 07.28.2019: I Pledge Allegiance

by Darrell Pursiful

The American Pledge of Allegiance is a product of the 1890s, written by a young socialist pastor named Francis Bellamy in a time when big business was ushering in an age of materialism.

Connections 07.28.2019: God Offers Hope

by Kelley Land

Yesterday, my husband and I saw a local community theatre production of the haunting musical The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Based on the animated Disney movie, it features the same songs and several new ones.

Strangers: A Meditation for Teachers

by Gail G. Mesplay

They walk, run, tumble, and drag into your room on the first day of school—complete strangers. At the beginning of the year they all seem to look alike.

A View from the Pew: Helping Your Kids Avoid Post-Camp Letdown

by Lance Wallace

Preparing to send my two oldest off for a week of church youth camp has me already thinking about their return.

Crossroads: The Good Samaritan

by Jessica Asbell

As a young teenager, I went with my youth group to a soup kitchen one Saturday morning to feed the homeless. Several of my friends were going, and I wanted to have fun with my friends.

Formations 07.21.2019: God’s Promises

by William Scruggs

Like the story of Jericho, Joshua’s speech demands responsibility, creativity, and humility. There are too many layers for anything less. Here, Joshua speaks of God.

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