Thanksgiving Supper

by Brett Younger

At 10:30 on Thanksgiving Day, I am standing in a long line waiting for a box of Thanksgiving. We are not in a restaurant, as you might expect, but in a nondescript building—a VFW hall, Rotary Club hall, or Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall.

A View from the Pew: Giving Thanks for the Challenges, Too

by Lance Wallace

As my own church continues to navigate challenges since the onset of the COVID pandemic, I am working to embrace a more comprehensive gratitude list, one that includes the problems we are facing.

Crossroads: Music

by Jessica Asbell

The election is this week, and for the past several months, life has felt out of control…. And in the midst of all of this name calling, mudslinging, and other awfulness, the world is at war.

Formations 11.27.2022: Tamar, Seeker of Justice

by Kelley Land

While the past few decades have brought revolutions in the treatment and perception of women—especially in industrialized nations—there is still so far to go.

Connections 11.27.2022: Counting Down

by Nikki Finkelstein-Blair

When I was growing up in the Olden Days (you know, the 1980s), my family didn’t celebrate the church season of Advent. Once Thanksgiving was over and December 1 came, we went straight into red and green overload.

Invitations to Partake

by David Wilkinson

Some 25 years ago I sat with a two-person video crew and a Cooperative Baptist Fellowship missionary on the dirt floor of a simple, one-room house in a small village in the mountains of Albania.

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