Crossroads: Don’t Give Up!

by Jessica Asbell

When we were kids, my sister hated school. She didn’t want to do her homework or study, and so there were a lot of times when she didn’t understand things. But when she was in Middle School, she had a really hard time with math.

Formations 06.23.2019: The Kingdom Has Come

by William Scruggs

The novel Slaughterhouse-Five offers two stories about Billy Pilgrim’s life. In the first, Kurt Vonnegut tells of Pilgrim’s, and his own, experience as a soldier in World War II.

Connections 06.23.2019: Christian Clothes

by Michael Ruffin

Some people try to express their convictions and commitments through their clothing.

The Spirituality of Fatherhood: Jump

by Drew Herring

“What a little jerk!” is a publishable paraphrase of what I thought as I reread the story of young Jesus missing for three days in the temple while his parents frantically searched.

Are We There Yet?

by Richard Collinsworth

Summertime is here. And the Great American Migration (aka summer vacation travel) is about to begin. Along with this annual Rite of Family Adventure, will come the most-often uttered phrase in human history, “Are we there yet?”

Crossroads: Pentecost

by Jessica Asbell

For as long as I can remember, I have loved the French language. And as soon as I got to high school, I started taking French. Because I went to a private, Catholic school, one of the first things I learned was the Lord’s Prayer in French.

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