Love as a Way of Living

by William Powell Tuck

Without question the word “love” sums up and depicts the essence of our Christian faith. Nonetheless, most Christians struggle in a world often filled with problems, difficulties, suffering, pain.

Crossroads: Holy, Holy, Holy

by Jessica Asbell

God is different from everything else in our universe. He is the Creator, and the only One who is holy. I am most reminded of God’s holiness during communion and during Holy week.

Formations 06.02.2024: A Journey to Jesus

by Darrell Pursiful

Some people come to Jesus in a heartbeat. Other people come to Jesus only after they’re given time to mull it over.

Connections 06.02.2024: Train Up a Child

by Nikki Finkelstein-Blair

Samuel’s calling is a seemingly simple story. A young person serves with dedication, learns from his mentor, hears and responds to God’s call

A View from the Pew: A New Old Way to Follow Up with Visitors

by Lance Wallace

In olden times, a church staff member welcomed worshippers to the service and asked guests to fill out a card in the “seat back in front of you” so that “we can get to know you better.”

A Bunch of Stories

by Ronnie McBrayer

“I don’t read that article by Ronnie McBrayer,” I heard a critic say not long ago; a critic who did not know I was within earshot. “He thinks the Bible is just a bunch of stories.”

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