Not Another Word

by Starlette Thomas

Suffering in secret, it’s not what Jesus did—not that he had a choice in the matter, but it’s what his followers do religiously. Many of us believe talking about pain and subsequent grief somehow takes away from God’s glory.

A Quiet Life: Living at Peace with One’s Self

by Edwin Ray Frazier

One great embarrassment of Christians is that we talk so much and so loudly. Interviews and conversations of all kinds often remind us of a pride of lions feeding, snapping and snarling, each lunging in for a moment and then getting shoved aside by others.

Crossroads: What Just Happened?

by Jessica Asbell

I cannot tell you the number of times that I have said, “Wait. What just happened?”

Formations 04.11.2021: Who We’re Looking For

by Darrell Pursiful

It used to bother me that, so many times in the Gospels’ Easter stories, Jesus’ followers don’t recognize him after the resurrection. To be honest, I suppose that still bothers me.

Connections 04.11.2021: Walk in the Light

by Kelley Land

When my daughter Samantha was in fifth grade, I accompanied her on a school field trip to Dahlonega, Georgia. One of the activities was touring the Consolidated Gold Mine.

Make the Most of Holy Week

by Rob Lee

I love worship. If I could spend the rest of my academic career studying worship, I would.

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