Crossroads: The Lord Watches Over You

by Jessica Asbell

It’s almost Halloween, and this time of year tends to be a bit scarier than normal. People decorate their houses to look scarier, scary movies come on TV, and some people wear scary costumes on Halloween.

Formations 10.27.2019: Making Amends

by Darrell Pursiful

Recently, higher education representatives from across the country met in Cincinnati for a conference exploring racial inequalities in higher education.

Connections 10.27.2019: Too Good for Our Own Good

by Michael Ruffin

If you are of my generation, you probably know the song “Spirit in the Sky.” You may know it even if you aren’t of my generation. It’s been used in lots of movies, television shows, and commercials.

A Risky Commitment

by Linda Cross

What are the conversations like in Naomi’s household as resources and hopes dwindle? What do they say as they consider leaving Moab? What’s discussed when the jungle looms before them?

A View from the Pew: 5 Tips for Helping your Kids Pick a Church

by Lance Wallace

We recently packed up our oldest and dropped him off at college for his first semester, setting off all the alarm bells parents experience when relinquishing direct control over their child’s choices.

Crossroads: Easy vs. Difficult

by Jessica Asbell

There have been many times that I have put off doing something because I either thought it was going to take a while or I thought it would be hard to do. For example, I tend to put off washing pots and pans after I cook because I think it’s going to take forever.

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