A Bunch of Stories

by Ronnie McBrayer

“I don’t read that article by Ronnie McBrayer,” I heard a critic say not long ago; a critic who did not know I was within earshot. “He thinks the Bible is just a bunch of stories.”

Crossroads: The Spirit

by Jessica Asbell

When I write my children’s sermons, I have a process. Usually, I read the Scripture, think about it for a few minutes, and then go do something else.

Formations 05.26.2024: The Prayer of a Friend

by Kelley Land

Scripture is full of prayers. The apostle Paul is one of the most fervent in offering prayer for other believers.

Connections 05.26.2024: One Step Forward

by Nikki Finkelstein-Blair

There are a lot of ways we can end up doing a job, whether in our secular work or in our faith life.

Facing Dualism

by James A. Autry

Like everyone else, I sometimes take a dualistic view of the world. Things are good or bad, black or white, true or false. This attitude always accompanies the temptation to be judgmental.

Crossroads: Being a Witness

by Jessica Asbell

My grandmother calls herself a “scrap baby.” She was born in 1928, on the cusp of the Great Depression. Because she was the baby of her family, she always received the scraps.

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