Of Course, You’ll Have the Good Taste Not to Mention that I Spoke to You

by Bert Montgomery

You may have already recognized that the sermon title is taken from one of the greatest, most socially relevant, and downright funniest movies ever made: Mel Brooks’s Blazing Saddles.

From the Flame

by Sandra Jones Cropsey

After the Halloween season, I purchased some seasonal candles on sale. A large one consisted of a layer of orange wax followed by a layer of black wax followed by another layer of orange wax.

Formations 05.26.2019: Timothy and Epaphroditus

by William Scruggs

In the last two years of his life, my grandfather Bill and I often talked about the last verse in the book of Judges.

Connections 05.26.2019: Seeing and Being Seen

by Michael Ruffin

Darkness can be frightening because it can keep us from seeing things that are there. That’s why if we get up in the middle of the night and don’t turn on a light, we might stub a toe on a piece of furniture.

A View from the Pew: What to Say When You Pray in Front of People

by Lance Wallace

Each week at my church we have a “deacon of the week” whose most visible responsibility is to say a prayer before the offering is collected.

Pray Tell

by Starlette Thomas

American philosopher William James said of prayer, “Many reasons have been given why we should not pray, whilst others are given why we should. But in all this very little is said of the reason why we do pray.

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