Crossroads: Peace

by Jessica Asbell

dish detergent, water, and food coloring. We started with clear water, and then we began to talk about all the hard things that can happen in life.

Formations 12.10.2023: A More Intentional Advent

by Kelley Land

When my daughters were small, the Advent season carried a spirit of gleeful anticipation. They couldn’t wait for Christmas!

Connections 12.10.2023: Who Needs Good News?

by Nikki Finkelstein-Blair

Advent catches me off-guard every year with the reminder that God may be “in his heaven” but all is not, in fact, right with the world.

Light the Candles and Push Back the Darkness

by D. Larry Gregg

During Advent, in churches and private homes around the world, candles are lighted and the stages of the journey to Bethlehem are observed. It is the time when we sing familiar hymns commemorating the birth of the Christ child.

A View from the Pew: Who Is the Christmas Program For?

by Lance Wallace

It’s that time of year when the church sanctuary is transformed into downtown Bethlehem circa first century AD, and the parking lot may or may not host some sheep.

Crossroads: Hope

by Jessica Asbell

I saw the Star Wars movies much later than many others. I was in my early twenties before I watched any of them, but when I did, I found a familiar story: of hope.

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