FaithSteps Grades 1-2 Summary

Fall 2021

Learning About GivingSuggested DateVerse
I Can Share What I Have08/01/2021John 6:1-13
I Am A Steward of What Belongs to God08/08/2021Matthew 25:14-30
I Can Choose to Give Cheerfully08/15/2021Exodus 35-36
My Gifts Are Used in Many Ways08/22/20212 Corinthians 8
Giving More Than Money08/30/2021Acts 3:1-10
Learning From AbrahamSuggested DateVerse
I Can Choose to Obey God09/05/2021Genesis 12:1-10
I Can Consider Others Before Myself09/12/2021Genesis 13:1-18
I Sometimes Need Reassurance09/19/2021Genesis 15:1-7; 17:1-10; 21:1-6
I Can Be Kind09/29/2021Genesis 24
Helping My FamilySuggested DateVerse
God Planned for Families10/03/2021Exodus 2:1-10
I Have Responsibilities to My Family10/10/2021Genesis 37:1-14
I Can Help My Family10/17/2021Genesis 37:14-36
I Can Make a Difference in My Family10/24/2021Genesis 42-46
Learning about John the BaptistSuggested DateVerse
An Angel Told about the Birth of John10/31/2021Luke 1:5-25
John Was Named11/07/2021Luke 1:58-79
John Preached and Baptized11/14/2021Matthew 3
John Asked Jesus a Question11/21/2021Luke 7:18-29
Celebrating AdventSuggested DateVerse
Learning about Hope11/28/2021Isaiah 7:10-16; 9:6-7; Micah 5:1-5
Learning about Peace12/05/2021Matthew 1:18-24
Learning about Joy12/12/2021Luke 1:26-56
Learning about Love12/19/2021Luke 2:1-20
Learning about Celebration12/26/2021Matthew 2:1-12

Spring 2022

Exploring the Unique MeSuggested DateVerse
I Am Special01/02/2022Daniel 1:1-21
I Can Do Many Things01/09/2022Daniel 2:1-49
I Can Make Choices01/16/2022Daniel 3:1-30
I Am Growing01/23/2022Daniel 5:1-6:28
God's PromiseSuggested DateVerse
God Makes Noah a Promise01/30/2022Genesis 7-9:17
God Makes Abraham a Promise02/06/2022Genesis 17; 18:1-5; 21:1-8
God Makes Israel a Promise02/13/2022Exodus 19-20:17
God Makes David a Promise02/20/20222 Samuel 7
Mothers in the BibleSuggested DateVerse
Sarah Has a Son02/27/2022Genesis 18:1-15; 21:1-8
Jochebed Hides Her Son03/06/2022Exodus 1-2:10
Hannah Prays for a Son03/13/20221 Samuel 1-2:21
Bathsheba Pleads for Her Son03/20/20221 Kings 1:5-35
Discovering Who Jesus IsSuggested DateVerse
Jesus Was Tempted to Do Wrong03/29/2022Luke 4:1-13
Jesus Went about Doing Good04/03/2022John 2:1-11; Luke 5:17-26
Jesus Died04/10/2022Mark 11:2-9; Luke 22:14-21; John 19
Jesus Lives04/17/2022Mark 16:1-8; Luke 24:1-12; John 20:1-10
Jesus Commanded Us to Go04/24/2022Matthew 28: 19-20; Acts 13-15
Learning about MissionariesSuggested DateVerse
Barnabas and Saul Become a Team05/01/2022Acts 11:19-26
Barnabas and Saul Begin a Missionary Journey05/08/2022Acts 13:1-5
Paul and Barnabas Preach in Antioch of Pisidia05/15/2022Acts 13:13-52
Paul and Barnabas Preach in Iconium and Lystra05/22/2022Acts 14:1-10
Paul and Barnabas Return Home05/29/2022Acts 14:21-27