A World of Trouble


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Sessions Included
A Hungry World
A Hurting World (Natural Disasters)
A World in Need
A World of Danger
Luke 1:46-54
Isaiah 58:11-12
Luke 4:14-20
Luke 6:22-23

Brief Description

A Hungry World

The World Health Organization tells us that one in five people in our world is chronically hungry. Statistics like this can either make us feel guilty or stir us to action. The goal of this session is not guilt, but hope, for once we understand the issues, we can begin to envision new solutions. The world is hungry, but we can choose to be part of God’s work of filling the hungry with good things.

A Hurting World (Natural Disasters)

When natural disaster strikes, there are often few answers to the question, “Why?” Because only God is powerful enough to move the winds or the waters, God has often been blamed when natural disasters occur. But natural disasters are not “acts of God.” Even in the midst of all the questions raised by tragedy and disaster, we can hold on to the fact that God is present in our storms.

A World in Need

Just as in Jesus’ day, the poor are still in need of good news. When we stand against oppression, when we work to fight poverty, when we consume less so that others may have more, we speak the language of “good news.” As the borders between countries and cultures become more permeable, today’s youth have an incredible possibility to make their voices heard. What youth learn today will shape the “good news” the poor could hear tomorrow.

A World of Danger

In a world filled with violence and war, the picture of a peaceable kingdom seems far away, almost too far to imagine. Imagining what a peaceful world looks like, however, is precisely how we begin to create peace. Peace on earth begins with us. This session is designed to encourage youth to imagine peace in the face of violence and aggression and to identify where, in their own lives, they can choose violence over peace.

by David Woody

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