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Sessions Included
How Does God Love Us?
How Does God Forgive Us?
How Does God Seek Us Out?
Where is God’s Kingdom?
How Can We Be Born Again?
John 1:1-5,14
Matthew 18:21-35
Luke 15
Mark 12:28-34
John 3:1-17

Brief Description

How Does God Love Us

How does God love us? Sure, we know all the metaphors—God loves us like a parent, like a friend, God loved us enough to send Jesus to die for us, and Jesus loves me, this I know…but how? On days when God feels far away, how can we experience God’s love?

How Does God Forgive Us?

By sending Jesus to this world, God taught us a new way to live. In response to the wisdom of Jesus we can choose freedom from debt, freedom from what we owe or from what someone owes us. We are called to forgive, just as we have been forgiven. And as we forgive, we find that we are transformed into people of grace.

How Does God Seek Us Out?

There is something to our finding and being found. It’s easy for teenagers to feel lost; their myriad emotions and inevitable changes can make them feel as if they’re alone, valued by no one. That’s what God’s seeking is for—to remind us of who we are in Christ, of how much we’re worth to God. Like a shepherd who’s lost his sheep, like a woman who’s lost her coin, like a father who’s lost his son, God seeks us out.

Where is God’s Kingdom?

Christians are sometimes tempted to see the kingdom of God as only that sweet-by-and-by, the reward of heaven, the light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. But what about the here and now? The historical locations of our lives and Jesus’ entrance into our history remind us that if we choose to listen to Jesus’ wisdom, we “are not far from the kingdom of God” (Mk 12:34).

How Can We Be Born Again?

Teenagers may wonder how anyone can be “born again” when it seems that even the language we use to describe it has grown old. In a world where youth would prefer to be spiritual rather than religious, how can the concept of salvation and belonging be made new again? Just as Jesus shocked Nicodemus with the idea of being born again, perhaps a fresh look at the text will gift us with both questions and surprises.

by Melissa Browning

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