Why is Coracle the name of our blog?

A coracle is a small, round boat. It looks like something out of a movie about hobbits. In centuries past, Celtic Christian pilgrims would set out on the ocean in such boats, journeying where God would take them. And when they arrived—wherever they arrived—these pilgrims carried their love of God with them. But this arrival didn’t end their mission. Carrying God’s love to this “new place” was only the first leg of the voyage; they also journeyed to learn and grow, to collect wisdom and resources for their home community. At the end of their time in this new place, their mission was also to bring all that they had learned back home. This is pilgrimage and faith as journey, as spontaneous encounter, and then as sharing. Our hope is that our blog can reach—just a little—toward this ideal, this venturing out into the world with buoyant hope and this returning home with new wisdom.