What’s in your “Honey Pot”?

Healthy breakfast with honeyThere is a card on my desk that begins, “Dear Dad. Thank you so much for continuing to encourage and support me!” And, there is a picture that hangs on my wall, “Dear Dad, I love you very much!” And, I have a box full of other cards and notes my wife and daughters have given me through the years. They love me unconditionally; I’m not sure why but I’m grateful for their love. These cards and notes remind me of special relationships.

There is also a file folder I keep called the “honey pot” (with a nod and tip of the hat to Winnie the Pooh.) In this, I keep personal notes, cards and letters from friends and colleagues. I need to be reminded some days that I matter! Especially in this day of two-line emails, 140 character “tweets” and ten-second voice messages, a personal letter is a great gift. Each personal letter I receive goes into a special file folder.

Occasionally, I take these out and re-read them. With each reading I’m reminded of the specialness of family and friends who care enough to send personal greetings. With each reading I am affirmed for the special relationships that I share with folks. These letters are truly gifts to me. For someone to take the time to write a personal letter with a personal affirmation, that is a special gift.

I love the Hallmark shop! That is where I go for the cards to send to others. Because, we all need to be reminded that we matter. Who are you sending “honey” to today? What’s in your honey pot?

BoProsser sweaterBo Prosser is the Ministries Coordinator at the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. He is a congregational speaker, Smyth & Helwys author, and a teller of stories.

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