Upcoming Formations Units

Scope and Sequence for Formations
January – April 2019

Jesus’ Ministry to the World

Date|Session Title|Verses
Jan 6|Jesus Is Baptized|Mark 1:1-13
Jan 13|Jesus Begins to Preach|Mark 1:14-28
Jan 20|Jesus Welcomes Sinners|Mark 2:13-22
Jan 27|Jesus Faces Resistance|Mark 3:19b-35

The Law of the Lord

Date|Session Title|Verses
Feb 3|The Giving of the Law|Exodus 19:1, 9-10, 16-25
Feb 10|The Ten Commandments|Deuteronomy 5:6-21
Feb 17|You Shall Be Holy|Leviticus 19:1-4, 9-18
Feb 24|Delight in the Law|Psalm 1; 19:7-14

Striving for Holiness

Date|Session Title|Verses
March 3|A New Way of Life|Ephesians 4:17-5:2
March 10|Buried with Christ|Romans 6:1-14 (Lent 1)
March 17|Freedom from the Law|Romans 7:1-13
March 24|Who Will Deliver Me?|Romans 7:14-8:2
March 31|A Living Sacrifice|Romans  12:1-5, 9-21

The Cross and the Resurrection

Date|Session Title|Verses
April 7|Sent to Serve|Mark 10:32-45
April 14|The King Is Coming|Matthew 21:1-11 (Palm Sunday)
April 21|The Empty Tomb|Mark 16:1-8 (Easter Sunday)
April 28|Witnesses to the Resurrection|Luke 24:36-53

Scope and Sequence for Formations
May – August 2019

Paul’s Partners in Ministry

Date|Session Title|Verses
May 5|Barnabas|Acts 9:23-31; 13:1-3
May 12|Silas|Acts 17:1-10, 13-15
May 19|Priscilla and Aquila|Acts 18:1-4, 18-21, 24-28
May 26|Timothy and Epaphroditus|Phil 2:19-30

Jesus and the Spirit

Date|Session Title|Verses
June 2|The Spirit is Upon Me|Luke 4:14-18
June 9|I Will Send the Spirit|John 14:15-27 (Pentecost Sunday)
June 16|Not You but the Spirit|Mark 13:9-13
June 23|The Kingdom Has Come|Matthew 12:22-28

The Book of Joshua

Date|Session Title|Verses
June 30|Be Strong and Courageous|Joshua 1:1-9
July 7|The Battle of Jericho|Joshua 6:1-5, 20-25
July 14|The Lord Fights for Israel|Joshua 10:7-14
July 21|God’s Promises|Joshua 23:1-10, 14-15
July 28|We Will Serve the Lord|Joshua 24:6-16

Solving Problems Biblically

Date|Session Title|Verses
Aug 4|What Is the Problem?|Nehemiah 1
Aug 11|What Can We Do?|Proverbs 16:1-9
Aug 18|How Shall We Decide?|Proverbs 2:1-11
Aug 25|Why Are We Waiting?|Ecclesiastes 11:1-6

Scope and Sequence for Formations
September – December 2019

James: The Word of Life

Date|Session Title|Verses
Sep 1|Living in Truth|1 John 1:1-2:6
Sep 8|Living in the Light|1 John 2:7-19
Sep 15|Living Out God’s Love|1 John 3:11-24
Sep 22|Living with Discernment|1 John 4:1-16
Sep 29|Living in God’s Son|1 John 5:5-21

Temple and Covenant

Date|Session Title|Verses
Oct 6|David’s Hope|1 Chronicles 28:2-3, 5-10, 20-21
Oct 13|God’s Promise|2 Chronicles 3:1-2; 6:12-17
Oct 20|Solomon’s Prayer|2 Chronicles 6:18-21; 7:12-18
Oct 27|Josiah’s Reform|2 Chronicles 34:15, 18-19, 25-27, 29-33

After this Life

Date|Session Title|Verses
Nov 3|The Age-Old Question|Job 14:7-15
Nov 10|The Hope of Resurrection|Isaiah 26:12-19; Daniel 12:1-4
Nov 17|The Prospect of Judgment|Matthew 25:31-46
Nov 24|The Water of Life|Revelation 7:9-17

Luke’s Christmas Story

Date|Session Title|Verses
Dec 1|Gabriel and Mary|Luke 1:26-38
Dec 8|Mary and Elizabeth|Luke 1:39-56
Dec 15|The Birth of John|Luke 1:57-64, 67-80
Dec 22|The Birth of Jesus|Luke 2:1, 3-20
Dec 29|Simeon and Anna|Luke 2:25-40