Time and Patience


In my work with mediation and conflict resolution, there are two major tools: time and patience. These, of course, are themselves in conflict with the way our world seems to work these days. Many of the people I’ve worked with insist that we “get this over with” or that we set a deadline for resolution. I like to ask, “Do we not have time for peacemaking?” because conflict resolution and mediation are about nothing more than peace making. After that comes agreement about the issues and next steps.

Some of my more gratifying experiences have been bringing people together toward a common goal or understanding.

If you feel in conflict with someone today, take the first step toward peacemaking. You’ll be grateful you did.

choosing_gratitude_365This post originally appeared as the October 19th entry of Choosing Gratitude 365 Days a Year by James A. Autry and Sally J. Pederson.

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