The Worship Hour: The Second Sunday of Lent

Meditation of Preparation

Around the world, where people ache,
Where hope is sought, and purpose made—
I see his face, I hear his voice,
And know he calls me to embrace
His cause, his walk, his gentle way.
And shall I listen—and obey?

Call to Awareness and Care

Leader: God of infinite care, we come before you, not alone
People: But in one another’s company, and in the company
Leader: Of all your vulnerable children and struggling families.
People: When we share our troubles, and those of others, the pain becomes smaller,
Leader: And happiness and hope are doubled.
People: When we share other people’s griefs and burdens,
Leader: Their weight becomes more possible to bear.
People: When we share our resources and our love,
Leader: Those gifts run deeper and last longer.
People: So teach us the power and the value of reaching out—
Leader: That we may be blessed as you are, in the giving!

Lead Scripture: Leviticus 19:9-10 and Matthew 5:1-10

Sermon Meditation: “Unto Whom Much Is Given”

We have been blessed with many gifts and opportunities; there is a divine invitation and responsibility to share what we have; Christ asks us to take initiative and bless the stranded, unblessed people in the world

Pastoral Prayer

Giver of all good gifts, we thank you again for the bounty you have allowed us in this privileged land, and for the privilege of distributing your gifts to others—that they also may be blessed! We have received much, and sometimes we are tempted to keep it for ourselves or hold on to all we have—in fear that we may be deprived or soon neglected. Teach us again the power of shared gifts and the joy that gratitude and giving evoke. Remind us that all good gifts come from you and are an invitation for us to participate in the exuberant and satisfying gesture of sharing from our abundance. May we give to others not out of constraint or guilt but from the freedom you have shown us. In your most holy name, we pray. Amen.

This post originally appeared in The Worship Hour: Pastoral Resources for Congregational Connection by Daniel Bagby.

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