The Rhythm of a Faith-Filled Life

Habakkuk 3:3b-6

The faith-filled life has a rhythm to it. We ask, seek, proclaim what we learn, and then learn to ask anew.

When I worked at an agency for youth in the state foster care system, this rhythm became our familiar soundtrack. Some weeks when we prayed for our residents, we were amazed by instances of forgiveness, students discovering talents they didn’t know they had, and signs of community building. But some weeks we witnessed frustrating behaviors that seemed to erase any hint of progress: fights breaking out, self-destructive choices, residents running away from campus.

During the difficult stretches, a seasoned minister always reminded us to be patient and persistent. She wisely counseled us to view those times when it seemed like all was lost as a prelude to the better, more promising possibilities that waited ahead. The worse the week, the greater her hope for what would soon appear around the corner. We learned to trust her perspective as more than sheer optimism; she had experienced God’s rhythm in her life and helped us experience it too.

Habakkuk seems to understand this rhythm. His book moves from seeking answers and questioning God to hearing God’s call to be faithful, then seeing new visions. In this chapter, the prophet does exactly that. He sees what he didn’t before.

When disappointments appear or despair threatens, listen for the steadfast rhythm that always underlies the life of faith. Even in the hardest weeks, feel free to move your feet and anticipate the music that is on its way, inviting you to dance.


Is this an asking/seeking day, a proclaiming/celebrating day, or a mixture of both? In the difficult measures of life, what helps you trust that promising possibilities will come?


Composer of life, when we struggle, surprise us with your hopeful music. Stir us to trust in you and seek your vision always. Amen.

This post originally appeared in Volume 28.1 of Reflections.

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