Connections 11.21.2021: The Truth

Try to see things from Pilate’s perspective. The local religious authorities have brought a man before you. They accuse the man of being a criminal.

Formations 06.19.2016: Pilate’s Indecision

Pilate comes near the end of the story of Jesus. Whatever Gospel you’re reading, by the time you arrive at Pilate’s palace, you’ve already gotten a pretty good idea of who Jesus is. You’ve seen him heal with compassion. You’ve seen him go out of his way to include people that most would have written off.

Connections 03.20.2016: Good Intentions

I believe Peter, who could be the patron saint of those who mean it until it matters, was serious when he told Jesus he’d never desert him and wouldn’t deny him even if it cost him his life….I have a theory about what happened.

Formations 07.26.2015: Finding Comfort

In some ways, the book of Job is like a Rorschach test. How we interpret it says at least as much about us as it does about it.

Uniform 10.12.2014: A Certain Assurance

Take a moment to name your top three fears. Chances are, your answers include some or even all of what Job experienced in his life. If anyone went through a “dark night of the soul,” it was him.