Thrive: A Whole Person – Melanie Storie

You are a whole person. You have a spirit that longs for God. You have a brain that produces an electrical storm even when sleeping. You have a body that needs food and water to operate.

Thrive: Peter, Peter, Peter – Melanie Storie

Of all the disciples, Peter holds a special place in my heart. He seems to try so hard to please Jesus. He is the one at the front of the class, nodding his head in vigorous agreement with every word Jesus says.

Thrive: Beware of the Yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees – Melanie Storie

When my family and I were preparing for a two-year mission in rural Alabama, we went through a period of training. During one of our training sessions, the leader talked to us about our prejudices and what it would be like to live as minorities.

Thrive: When Jesus Calls a Woman “a Dog”… – Melanie Storie

This gentle Jesus who welcomed children, healed a blind man with spit-mud, and consorted with women of questionable moral character and height-challenged tax collectors certainly did some shocking things, but insulting a woman on her knees begging for mercy seems a little extreme.

Thrive: When What Is in Your Heart Flies Out of Your Mouth…

As a mother of two pre-teen boys, I know far too well that some ugly stuff can come out of a mouth. Recently, Aidan, my oldest son, was finishing up his daily-allotted video game time when he mumbled something to his younger brother, Owen.