Thrive: Vulnerability and Risk – Amy Shorner-Johnson

Who among us hasn’t tried to push the attention away from ourselves when we are afraid? When the teacher starts calling names and the answer seems evasive? When the boss looks for someone to hold accountable?

Uniform 11.09.2014: Sacred Space in a Chaotic World

If you’re like me—and I have a hunch that you are—your heart and mind are running wild from the moment you swing your legs over the side of the bed and get up. In fact, I’d wager that the thoughts started earlier, during your fitful night of sleep.

In Pursuit of the Spirit: Spiritual Formation with Toddlers (Or Lectio in Nature)

After a freezing first winter in Chicago (frequently described as Chiberia), and bipolar summer (hot and humid one day, cold and rainy the next), I am feeling particularly grateful for the beautiful fall we’ve been having recently.