Thrive: Pay Attention to the Questions – Pam Durso

I love Jeopardy. I am sure I would score in the negative numbers if I were a contestant. I don’t have that much Shakespeare or potent potables trivia floating in my head, and I have pretty slow thumb reflexes. Plus I am pretty sure I would never remember to give my answer in the form of a question.

Thrive: Pay Attention to Tears – Pam Durso

Tears, drippy wet tears . . . they all must have had moments, or even days, in which tears streamed down their faces. A paralyzed man lying on a cot. A tax collector sitting at his table alone.

Thrive: Pay Attention to Forgiveness – Pam Durso

I met Carolyn in 2002, and I liked her immediately. How could I not? She was everything I was hoping to be when I grew up (and I was 41 years old at the time and still wondering if I would ever “arrive.”) Carolyn was a well-respected, published Baptist historian, a much sought after preacher and speaker, a long-tenured and well-loved professor, and a warm and caring wife, mother, and friend. Plus Carolyn spoke her mind, and I really liked her mind.

Thrive: Pay Attention to Yertle – Pam Durso

And so Lent begins. This Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, which on the Christian calendar is the beginning of the season of Lent. For these days leading up to Easter Sunday on April 20, Christians around the world will participate in the spiritual discipline of “giving up” or perhaps “taking on.”