Formations 07.28.2024: The Lion’s Den

I discovered VeggieTales in college, and my roommates and I delighted over the talking vegetables (and sometimes fruits) telling familiar Bible stories.

Connections 07.21.2024: Shepherds and Sheep

How many shepherds do you know? I don’t know any myself. In fact, I rarely see sheep.

Formations 07.07.2024: Saying No

I grew up in a wonderful youth group with loving leaders and with friends who were also my schoolmates.

Connections 06.30.2024: God’s Anointed One Grieves

During high school, I worked weekends and summers at the Little White House in Warm Springs, Georgia.

Formations 06.16.2024: Peter’s Denial

We love to shake our heads at Peter and act bewildered about his rebukes and denials of Jesus. But he (along with “doubting” Thomas) is probably one of the most honest disciples.

Formations 05.26.2024: The Prayer of a Friend

Scripture is full of prayers. The apostle Paul is one of the most fervent in offering prayer for other believers.

Formations 05.05.2024: Be Still and Know!

This psalm contains the favorite, often quoted verse, “Be still, and know that I am God” (v. 10).

Formations 02.19.2023: Solomon’s Charge

In today’s text, a father’s death approaches, and he thinks of the legacy he will leave to his son. Has he taught his son enough?

Connections 02.12.2023: Partners with God

I grew up in First Baptist Church of Warm Springs, Georgia, a very small town with a huge amount of history.