Connections 07.14.2024: Who’s in Charge Here?

Our Connections texts this week show the challenge of living faithfully when we have leaders who reject God’s way.

Connections 07.07.2024: Relationship Agreements

The separation between church and state is in the news again (spoiler: some people believe there should be no separation).

Connections 06.23.2024: Stones, Sling, and the Spirit of God

After a few weeks with Samuel, the story of Israel and our unit of Connections now have a new main character: David.

Connections 06.16.2024: Get Over It

From his youngest days, Samuel has been a messenger for God, first delivering God’s words to his mentor Eli, then to the people of Israel, then to Israel’s first appointed and anointed king, Saul.

Connections 06.02.2024: Train Up a Child

Samuel’s calling is a seemingly simple story. A young person serves with dedication, learns from his mentor, hears and responds to God’s call

Connections 05.26.2024: One Step Forward

There are a lot of ways we can end up doing a job, whether in our secular work or in our faith life.

Connections 05.05.2024: We Are Witnesses

I knew a woman who had been a dancer. Later in life, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and as the disease took its physical toll.

Connections 02.05.2023: Who Are We to Say?

For someone who claims to have come preaching to the Corinthians “in weakness and in fear and in much trembling” (v. 3), the Apostle Paul always seems to me to be very certain.

Connections 01.29.2023: Wisdom for the Here and Now

The city’s residents and visitors included educated Greek philosophers and faithful Jewish scholars alongside many other religious groups and ethnic traditions.