A Guide to Four Types of Bible Study Learners – Mark Wingfield

Have you heard the story about a time long, long ago, in a faraway place, when adults gathered for Bible study and everyone in the class studied the same thing at the same time and learned the same way? Yeah, that day is gone—if it ever really existed.

Gateway to Church for Young Adults – Ken Garfield

Charlotte/One is a ministry in North Carolina’s largest city that brings together 20- and 30-year-olds with the intention of losing them—to local churches.

Ode to Jimmy Carter – Lauren F. Winner

When the desert fathers withdrew from the city, they found that they could not escape thoughts of their former lives of ease. So they developed a three-step method to retrain their thoughts: notice, quarantine, and replace.

Moravian Witness in a North Carolina City – Bill J. Leonard

Every Easter morning, in the pre-dawn hours, a pickup truck full of Moravian musicians stops at the corner outside my family’s home in Winston-Salem, N.C., and the sound of “Sleepers, Wake” floods the neighborhood. It is a resonance heard throughout the city as Moravian bands roam the streets, preparing a community to receive the news of Christ’s resurrection.

Digital Disciples – Elizabeth Wellington

Twenty-six teenagers dillydally on smartphones, sending instant messages, scrolling through news feeds, liking statuses and posting updates on social media sites Twitter, Facebook and Instagram while intermittently gazing at farmland images beaming from a digital projector. New Age tunes echo through the room courtesy of online music service Spotify.

Busy, Busy, Busy – Lillian Daniel

There are four different versions of the resurrection story; each of the four Gospels tells the story slightly differently. And yet the people who put the Bible together allowed these inconsistencies to remain side by side. I think they thought that thinking Christians could handle it.

Strangers Seeking Ashes – Amy Butler

The church that I pastor sits on a busy corner in downtown Washington, D.C. It’s the kind of neighborhood where most people, whether they live or work in the area, rarely if ever think about attending church.

Metanoia Community Development Corporation and its activities – Alicia Lutz

The ministry of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of South Carolina has worked in the Chicora-Cherokee community of North Charleston for 10 years and has created a sustainable model of faith-based, community-led, asset-driven community development.