Flame: Esther’s Strengthened Heart

Esther showed great love for her people and for her uncle Mordecai, but she also showed that she had a great deal of courage in her heart. Ask the children to think about times when they have needed to show love to others or needed to be brave so they could help others.

Connections 09.26.2021: Esther’s Courage

As a little girl in Sunday school, I learned story after story about the male heroes of the Bible. Although the women who populate these stories were mentioned, it was years before I recognized the significance of their contributions.

Crossroads: When You Have to Stand Up For Someone – Esther

Bullying comes in a lot of different forms. When I was in middle school, there was a girl who always teased me. She made fun of me and just would not leave me alone. To make matters worse, we were related.