A Prayer for the Floor

On the floor is where so many things end up, God.
Toys dropped, crumbs scattered.
Shoes thrown, books smashed.

Thrive: Anticipatory Packaging – Erin Robinson Hall

We have been seen by others, and they think they know exactly who we are. The Netflix account in our house keeps our favorite movies just a click away, which is perfect for my husband Jake, the movie buff. With data about the movies you watch, the types of stories you like, and the lead actors you favor, Netflix sets up a genre for you.

Thrive: The Gospel According to Joshua – Erin Robinson Hall

In seminary, I served at Big Bethel AME Church in Atlanta. Along with jumping head-first into new traditions, I got to know some of the beautiful people of this historic church. One of my new friends was Joshua.

Thrive: Guess What Else? – Erin Robinson Hall

Sometimes Jesus comes to your workplace. My friend Emily and I can each point to the time this happened for us. We were in a small discussion group for women. Our conversations often made their way to confessions that our work just wasn’t cutting it as far as our callings were concerned.

Thrive: It Would Have Been Chocolate – Erin Robinson Hall

For me, it would have been chocolate. This moment of testing would begin and end with the Accuser showing up in my moment of deep, spiritual discernment and teasing me with candy. Hershey’s nuggets with toffee and almonds, to be exact.