The Sower…and His Sons

Listen, my friends and you will hear,
Some stories that will not be new to your ears.
For today’s translation is sure to surprise,
So pay attention, and open your spiritual eyes…

More to the Story

Is everything okay? Oh, it’s just a kid screaming near your table at Applebee’s. But you glance again when you realize it’s a 6 year-old kid.

Cry, Baby

They blamed it on me. And they were probably right. Apparently, I opened the floodgates just because I got a little emotional during my prayer for our graduates prior to their sermons.

March Magic

Underdogs. Last second shots. A “Cinderella Story” in the middle of March Magic! That’s right. Not March Madness. This is March Magic. Specifically, March 19. Magic.

The Tears of Lent

It happens every time. No matter how hard I try to stop it. When the music begins, when we turn toward the cross dominating the center of our sanctuary during Lent, my throat tightens, my eyes well up.

I Won the Lottery Today…

I won the lottery today. And I didn’t even buy a ticket. I hate to admit this, but just as the radio said “the Powerball jackpot is at $500 million dollars” I saw a gas station and thought, “God knows I’m a tither….”