Formations 01.20.2018: Reading Openly

After a month of holiday traveling, it is the banquet table that I notice most readily in the passage. I’ve sat around at least four family tables this month, and I’ve remembered some others I’ve known. One was my grandparent’s dining room table in Mobile.

Flame: Playdough Prayers for Peace

Talk with your children about situations where two sides are fighting with each other. They could be taking place anywhere in the world, involving wars or elections, or they could be much closer to home, involving people your children know.

Formations 12.14.2014: Controversies and Hard Feelings

Holiday travel means time with family. For many, such reunions are a welcome opportunity to reconnect with relatives we may not have seen for a year. For some, a visit with folks on different branches of the family tree brings the possibility of disagreements—or even heated arguments.