Zechariah: Getting Back to God

Zechariah: Getting Back to God

Study by Joey Clifton
Commentary by Judson Edwards

Zechariah: Getting Back to God $5.99

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Brief Description

The prophet Zechariah ministered during the late sixth century BC. His audience was composed of Jews who had recently returned from Babylonian captivity and were struggling to rebuild their nation under Persian rule.

This was a crucial turning point for the people of God. They stood on the threshold of a new beginning. Chastened by decades of exile, how would they use what they had learned about God, themselves, and covenant faithfulness to make a new way for themselves in their ancestral homeland?

Like the returning exiles, Christians today often feel led to restore their relationships with God and each other. Perhaps the lessons of Zechariah can help us in that task.

Materials Included
• 5 Sessions of Learner’s Materials
• 5 Sessions of Teaching Materials
• 5 Handouts

Sessions Included
1. A Vision of Peace
2. A Purified People
3. Godly Leadership
4. Just Living
5. Promised Restoration

Age Group

1. Zechariah 1:1-17
2. Zechariah 5:1-6:8
3. Zechariah 6:9-15
4. Zechariah 7
5. Zechariah 8

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