What Would Jesus Say? A Lenten Study

What Would Jesus Say?
A Lenten Study

Study by Toby Ziglar
Commentary by Cecil Sherman and Jeanie Miley

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Brief Description

Dr. Harold Songer, former New Testament professor at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, etched in my mind the idea that biblical interpretation consisted of two steps: addressing what the text meant in its historical context, then attempting to state what the text means in one’s present context. One step without the other will likely produce a misunderstanding of the text. These lessons are dedicated to his memory and the good years he spent teaching students and shaping ministers of the good news.

What would Jesus say? That question represents the second part of Dr. Songer’s interpretive process. To address what Jesus would say, we need to discover what Jesus did say. These lessons will attempt to help us understand Jesus’ teachings and apply them today.

What would Jesus say about the Bible? This lesson will explore Jesus’ use of Scripture during a time of great testing. For Jesus, Scripture served as a reminder of the nature of God, providing strength in time of need.

What would Jesus say about poverty? We will examine the parable of the rich man and Lazarus to understand what Jesus said about addressing the needs of others. Christians must continue to minister to the poor while addressing the circumstances that cause poverty.

What would Jesus say about discipleship? Jesus’ demanding words in Mark 8 challenge us to examine our commitment to the gospel and consider suffering and sacrifice as a part of true discipleship.

What would Jesus say about evangelism? Understanding the way Jesus shared the good news helps us develop an appropriate model for evangelism. Taking the focus off results and concentrating on relationships exemplifies Jesus’ preferred method of evangelism.

What would Jesus say about himself? The most difficult passage in this unit deals with a conversation between Jesus and certain Jews. It is difficult to understand the message behind the sharp, contentious dialogue. Jesus presented his ministry in the context of following God’s calling. Even while under personal attack, Jesus sought to focus his words on the divine will of God.

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Materials Included
• 5 Sessions of Learner’s Materials
• 5 Sessions of Teaching Materials
• 5 HandoutsSessions Included
1. What Would Jesus Say about the Bible?
2. What Would Jesus Say about the Poverty?
3. What Would Jesus Say about the Discipleship?
4. What Would Jesus Say about the Evangelism?
5. What Would Jesus Say about the Himself?
Age Group
Adult Scriptures
1. Matthew 4:1-11
2. Luke 16:19-31
3. Mark 8:[27-]34–9:1
4. John 4:31-38
5. John 8:39-59
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