The Parables of Jesus

The Parables of Jesus

Study by Chris Caldwell
Commentary by Cecil Sherman

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Brief Description

Let the little children come to me; do not stop them. You know the scene: an overbooked Jesus, with people pressing all around him, still makes time for the children. The mothers of the children he blessed no doubt walked away charmed by this kind, gentle man. On the other hand, look at this event through the eyes of the disciples, who initially stopped the children. From their perspective, their leader had just pulled rank and chastised them before a crowd of people. When they tried to help their busy teacher, Jesus charged in and undercut them. What does any of this have to do with our series of lessons on parables? Here’s the connection: Jesus told parables because they allowed a loving man to convey a confrontational message without scaring people away.Jesus was aggressive; he did not avoid confrontation. The same eyes that filled with tears at the tomb of Lazarus stared down a mob of people who were ready to stone a woman to death. The same hand that reached out to heal the leper pushed the envelope on behalf of society’s disposable people. The same lips that called people to “love thy neighbor” called the religious elite a “brood of vipers.”

So as you begin this study, en garde! Ready or not, Jesus is coming at you. His purpose? To change you for the better. His weapon? A few “harmless” stories.

Materials Included
• 6 Sessions of Learner’s Materials
• 6 Sessions of Teaching Materials
• 6 Handouts
Sessions Included
1. Growing What You’ve Sown and Even What You Haven’t
2. The Rise of the Kingdom
3. Grace Gone Astray
4. Living What We Say We Believe
5. The Parable of the Mirror
6. Do-it-yourself Faith

Age Group

1. Matthew 13:24-30
2. Matthew 13:31-33
3. Matthew 18:10-14
4. Matthew 18:23-35
5. Matthew 21:28-32
6. Matthew 25:1-13

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