Elijah: Trusting God

Elijah: Trusting God

Study by Linda Moore Lewis
Commentary by Judson Edwards

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Brief Description

As a college student, I attended a retreat that included a session on “Trust.” The leader introduced the theme by asking us to choose a partner. The partners faced in the same direction, a few feet apart, one behind the other. At the leader’s signal, the person in front, with eyes closed and arms folded, was to fall backward into the arms of his or her partner. The exercise quickly revealed who in the group had a high level of trust and who did not. Some allowed themselves to fall without hesitation. Others could not resist the temptation to look back. Some were unable to trust the person behind them and refused to participate.

The study of Elijah challenges us to explore what it means to trust God. Elijah’s story reveals that a life of faithfulness is built on trust in God’s care and guidance. When Israel needs a prophetic voice to confront the nation’s religious infidelity, Elijah responds to God’s call. His first lesson in trust comes when he has to depend on God to survive. His experience will help us examine our own response to economic hardship.

Elijah’s greatest challenge comes when he stands alone against the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel. His actions are bold and unconventional, but he is convinced that he follows God’s will. Through this dramatic episode, we will ask ourselves how we can be certain that we follow God’s guidance.

Immediately after his dramatic victory on Mount Carmel, Elijah experiences a time of spiritual discouragement. In the midst of his despair, he has a profound encounter with God. We will explore how we can trust God to meet us in our darkest moments and offer hope and renewal.

As Elijah’s time on earth draws to an end, he prepares to pass the mantle of prophetic leadership and his legacy of faithful trust in God to his disciple, Elisha. As we study this final episode in Elijah’s life, we will think about our personal spiritual legacies. Elijah’s story reminds us that we can face each day with confidence because we know that our future rests in God’s hands.

Let’s get to know this intriguing Old Testament prophet who has much to teach us about trusting God in all circumstances.

Materials Included
• 4 Sessions of Learner’s Materials
• 4 Sessions of Teaching Materials
• 4 Handouts

Sessions Included
1. Trusting God’s Supply
2. Trusting God’s Direction
3. Trusting God’s Voice
4. Trusting God’s Future

Age Group

1. 1 Kings 17:1-24
2. 1 Kings 18:1, 17-40
3. 1 Kings 19:1-17
4. 2 Kings 2:1-14

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