Easter People

Easter People

Study by Abby Thornton Hailey
Commentary by Judson Edwards

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Brief Description

In the Christian year, few times rival the celebration of Easter for pomp and circumstance. From Palm Sunday’s parade to Maundy Thursday’s haunting meal to Easter morning’s explosion of lilies, embracing pageantry helps us remember Jesus’ devastating death and exhilarating resurrection, truly “the greatest story ever told.” But how does this central event of our faith transform us?

Once the lilies have been delivered to shut-ins, the eggs in all the bushes found, and “Christ the Lord is Risen Today” given its one Sunday to shine, is anything different? Or is it back to business as usual for the people of God?

For the New Testament churches, there was no returning to business as usual. Becoming followers of Christ had radically changed their lives and set them at odds with their society’s norms and values. Living out the attitude of the risen Lord suddenly meant that the needs of others had to be put before their own. They could no longer count on their actions or look to “back-up plans” for salvation. They had a new family to love. Living in light of the resurrection made them aliens and exiles in their own society, constantly attacked by those who could not understand their new ways of being. Living out Jesus’ example even changed the way they had to respond to suffering. They refused to return evil for evil and saw their lives as part of a bigger story.

The letters to the congregations at Philippi and Colossae and to the churches of 1 John and 1 Peter raise potent questions for today’s Christians. How will living in the light of the resurrection transform our lives? What will it look like for us not merely to celebrate Easter once a year but to be an Easter people in every moment and aspect of our lives? Only when we embrace this new identity will a watching world see the truth of the resurrection unfolding among us even today.

Materials Included
• 5 Sessions of Learner’s Materials
• 5 Sessions of Teaching Materials
• 5 Handouts

Sessions Included
1. Humble Servants
2. Raised with Christ
3. Proclaiming the Testimony
4. Aliens and Exiles
5. Suffering for Righteousness

Age Group

1. Philippians 2:5-11
2. Colossians 3:1-11
3. 1 John 5:1-12
4. 1 Peter 2:11-17
5. 1 Peter 2:18-25

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