Your Sons & Daughters Will Prophesy

Discerning God’s Desire for Our Church

A Four-Week Curriculum from the Network for Ministerial Excellence
The goal of this curriculum is to help churches become more open to calling a woman as a senior pastor. The sessions are designed to help congregations deal with the issues openly and honestly and to draw personal conclusions based on study, prayer and honest discussion.

Starter Kit

The Starter Kit includes one of each of the resources: Teaching Guide, Study Guide, DVD, CD Resource Kit, Poster Set (4 posters)

  • Starter Kit Price: $20.00

Teaching Guide

The teaching guide outlines teaching plans from three different perspectives: teaching adults, teaching the committee, and teaching youth. All of these plans consider scriptural text, questions, and connection topics.

  • Teaching Guide Price: $4.75
  • Teaching Guide bundle price: $40.00 (includes 10 Teaching Guides)

Study Guide

The study guide provides four in-depth lessons. It includes dynamic images, helpful Scriptures, and thought-provoking questions to aid discussion.

  • Study Guide Price: $3.00
  • Study Guide bundle price: $25.00 (includes 10 Study Guides)


Through the DVD, you meet the search committees and members of six churches that have hired women as senior pastors. Hearing their stories and how God called their pastors, you learn about some of the questions and concerns they faced, and how they used Scripture in their search process.

  • DVD Price: $10.00
  • DVD bundle price: $35.00 (includes 5 DVDs)

CD Resource Kit

This CD-ROM is packed with resource materials that support each session in the Teaching Guide.

  • CD-ROM Price: $5.00
  • CD-ROM bundle price: $17.50 (includes 5 CD-ROMs)

Poster Set

Each set contains 4 large full-color posters to use for promoting this event throughout your church or community.

  • Poster Set price: $4.00 (includes 4 posters)