Sessions with Revelation

Sessions with Revelation

The Last Days of Evil

by David Sapp

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Paperback / 166 pages
ISBN: 978-1-57312-706-6

Brief Description

Sessions with Revelation is a ten-session study unit designed to provide a compelling look at this frequently mystifying letter of the New Testament. Each session is followed by a thought-provoking page of questions that allow for a deeper experience of the scriptural passages. These resource pages can be used by seminar leaders during preparation and group discussion, as well as in individual Bible study.

David Sapp’s careful guide through Revelation demonstrates that it is a letter of hope for believers; it is less about the last days of history than it is about the last days of evil. Without eliminating its mystery, Sapp unlocks Revelation’s central truths so that its relevance becomes clear.

About the Author

David Sapp is a pastor. He retired in 2012 from the Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, and now maintains an active ministry of speaking and writing. He and his wife, Linda, have adult twin sons, Benjamin and Matthew. David earned a PhD in Christian Ethics. He has authored pieces included in several books and is a longtime writer of curriculum materials and periodical pieces.

Table of Contents

An Introduction to the Study

Resource Pages

Introducing Revelation

Session One:
It All Begins with Worship, Revelation 1:1-20

Session Two:
The Letters to the Seven Churches, Revelation 2-3

Session Three:
Come Up Here!, Revelation 4-5

Session Four:
The Broken Seals, Revelation 6:1-8:5

Session Five:
The Seven Trumpets, Revelation 8:6-11:19

Session Six:
Conflict between the Church and the Powers of Evil, Revelation 12-14

Session Seven:
The Seven Bowls, Revelation 15-16

Session Eight:
The Fall of Babylon, Revelation 17:1-19:4

Session Nine:
The Final Victory, Revelation 19:5-20:15

Session Ten:
The Last of the Last Things, Revelation 21-22


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