Sessions with Psalms


Sessions with Psalms

Prayers for All Seasons

by Eric and Alicia D. Porterfield

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Paperback | 136 pages
ISBN: 978-1-57312-768-4

Brief Description

Sessions with Psalms is a ten-session study unit designed to explore what it looks like for the words of the psalms to become the words of our prayers. Each session is followed by a thought-provoking page of questions that allow for a deeper experience of the scriptural passages. These resource pages can be used by seminar leaders during preparation and group discussion, as well as in individual Bible study.

The book of Psalms is indeed the church’s prayer book. If we tell the truth about ourselves, then these are our prayers. If we are looking for ten easy steps to prayer, then the psalms are not the right option. But if we want to deepen our relationships with God and each other, our understanding of ourselves and of Scripture, and open ourselves to transformation, then the psalms are exactly the right word.

About the Author

Eric Porterfield serves as senior pastor at Winter Park Baptist Church in Wilmington, North Carolina. Alicia Davis Porterfield is a Board Certified Chaplain, Life Coach, writer, and itinerant preacher. Both graduates of Duke Divinity School, Eric and Alicia enjoy learning, laughing, reading, and serving with their three sons, ages 9, 11, and 13.

Table of Contents

Introducing Psalms

Session One:
The Path of the Wicked and the Path of the Righteous, Book I: Psalms 1-2, 9-10, 13,19

Session Two:
Lament, Trust, and Worship, Book I: Psalms 22-24

Session Three:
Praying the Full Range of Our Emotions, Book I: Psalms 25-26, 31, 35, 39

Session Four:
Thirsting, Praising, Grieving…and Angry, Book II: Psalms 42-44

Session Five:
The Heart of the Matter: Authentic Confession, Book II: Psalms 51

Session Six:
Still Praying Even While Everything Falls Apart, Book III: Psalms 73-74, 84, 88-89

Session Seven:
Turning to God as King, Book IV: Psalms 90, 95, 103, 105-106

Session Eight:
Returned, Remembering, and Rebuilding, Book V: Psalms 107-119

Session Nine:
Moving With and Toward God, Book V: Psalms 120-122, 127, 130

Session Ten:
Prayers for a Full Life, Book V. Psalms 135-150


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