Sessions with Mark

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Sessions with Mark
Following Jesus at Full Speed

by Michael D. McCullar & Rickey Letson

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Paperback | 128 pages
ISBN: 978-1-57312-517-8

Brief Description

Sessions with Mark is a ten-lesson study designed to provide a compelling look at the Gospel of Mark. Each session is followed by a thought-provoking page of questions that allow for a deeper experience of the scriptural passages. These resource pages can be used by seminar leaders during preparation and group discussion, as well as in individual Bible study.

Immersing us in the Gospel of Mark, Michael D. McCullar and Rickey Letson reveal Jesus as a person of intense passion, energy, and drive. Mark portrayed Jesus as powerful yet benevolent—healing the sick, calming storms, exorcising demons, raising the dead, and restoring sight to the blind. Mark’s Jesus was God on a mission.

About the Author

Michael D. McCullar is the executive pastor of Johns Creek Baptist Church, Alpharetta, Georgia. He is a graduate of the University of Alabama-Birmingham, New Orleans Baptist Seminary, and Oxford Graduate School. He is the author of the James Annual Bible Study, A Christian’s Guide to Islam, Sessions with James, Sessions with Corinthians, Sessions with Timothy & Titus, and co-author of Building Blocks for Sunday School Growth and Sessions with Mark.

Rickey Letson is minister to adults at Johns Creek Baptist Church in Alpharetta, Georgia. A native of Alabama, he is a graduate of Samford University and the Duke Divinity School. He is also the author of Sessions with Thessalonians. He and his wife Ann Marie have two children, Callie and Caleb. They reside in Suwanee, Georgia.

Table of Contents

Introducing Mark

Session One:
All Cleaned Up and Somewhere to Go: Jesus’ Baptism
Mark 1:1-11

Session Two:
Back to Nature: The Parable of the Sower
Mark 4:1-20

Session Three:
Jesus and the Demoniac
Mark 5:1-20

Session Four:
Blind Familiarity: Jesus in His Hometown
Mark 6:1-6

Session Five:
The Great Fish Sandwich Lesson
Mark 6:30-44

Session Six:
Jesus on Divorce
Mark 10:1-9

Session Seven:
Jesus and the Rich Young Ruler
Mark 10:17-27

Session Eight:
Jesus on Fig Trees and Temples
Mark 11:11-18

Session Nine:
The Might of Mites: The Widow’s Mite
Mark 12:38-44

Session Ten:
Excited and Unafraid: The Unexpected Conclusion to the Gospel
Mark 16:1-20


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