Seeking, a Prayer for Epiphany

God of all times and places, we move into this new year as travelers seeking the shelter of your presence in all our comings and goings. Like the magi we move from familiar surroundings, crossing borders to enter unknown times and places.

But we study maps and guidebooks, not stars. We are guided by calendars and agendas, not faithful attention to the signs of your presence. Transform the foreign geography of our lives into a land of promise.

Guide our hearts as we sort through our possessions for the things we will carry on our trips. Enlarge our tents. May we welcome guests with your hospitality, offering a place for them to tell stories or to rest their voices and their souls.

Make of our homes a sanctuary. Acquaint us with the pain of those who seek refuge, a safe place from harm. Remind us that your children do not have to be physically homeless to be without a home.

Extend our tables. Multiply our invitations. Guide us to persons who need to share a meal rather than eat alone.

Move us into the landscape of your world. Change us from observers of ancient scenes to lively participants in the drama of today.

Remind us that the Word is not confined to an address, a country, or a government but came to live where we live, full of grace and truth and humanity and hospitality.

Assure us that we do not travel alone. Guide us through stretches of desert to the oasis of your love. Shine your Light on our path, showing us the way to those who sit in darkness.

Help us carry the memory of home, dropping it like bread crumbs in the laps of those along our journey, so that they, and we, may find our way back to you, our eternal home.

This post originally appeared in Prayers & Litanies for the Christian Season by Sharlande Sledge.

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