Reflections Summary

January–April 2019

Weekly Themes Include:

Genealogy of Jesus
Day of Epiphany: Magi Visit
Jesus’ Baptism: Matthew
Tempted in the Wilderness
Treasure in Heaven
The Golden Rule
Parables of the Kingdom
Feeding 5,000
Laborers in the Vineyard
Wedding Banquet
Bridesmaids and Talents
Parable of the Last Judgment
Triumphal Entry (Palm Sunday)
Maundy Thursday
Easter: Matthew
Great Commission

Featured Writers Include:

Brett Younger
Irie K. Price
Vernon Davis
Tere Tyner Canzoneri
Melissa Graham Meeks
Deena Williams Newman
Jaime St. Peter
Anna Carter Florence
Lori Davies Barfield
Matt Sapp
Carol Davis Younger
Katie Sciba
Scott Dinkison
Rachel Sciretti

First Baptist Church, Athens, GA
Brenda Cain
Amanda Dukes
Jennifer Baxley
Sarah and Tray Littlefield
Zeke Williamson
Connie Ivester
Mark Sanders

Port Williams United Baptist Church, Port Williams, Nova Scotia
Anita Flowers
Laura Churchill Duke
Elizabeth Jackson
David M. Csinos
Sharon Baxter
Breanna Williams MacIntosh
John Churchill

First Baptist Church, Waynesboro, VA
Seth Price
Noelle Owen
Jenni Thomas
Barrett Owen
Kathryn Carver
Jaime Hanson

First Baptist Church, Wilmington, NC
Muriel Kimbrough
Anna Cockerham
Connie Vigus
Carol McNulty
Jayne Davis
Barbara McDonald
Tara Tuttle

May–August 2019

Weekly Themes Include:

The Great Commission
Peter’s Vision
Paul’s Mission
Gospel as Salvation
God’s Love Poured Out
Hope of Resurrection
Nothing Can Separate Us
Drinking Deeply from the Psalms
Wisdom Literature

Featured Writers Include:

Becky Ramsey
Kristofer Schleicher
KD Herron
LeAnn Gunter Johns
Mike Queen
Heather Burke
Carol P. Taylor
Elizabeth Nance-Coker
Kyle Matthews
Gary Furr
Warren Howell
Jake Hall
Vernon Davis
Laura S. Ellis
Carol Davis Younger
Mary Kate Deal
David Jordan
Judy Patch
Jane Webb Childress