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Sessions Included
Why Is It Sometimes Hard to Hear God?
Why Do People in Church Sometimes Not Get Along?
Why Are Parts of the Bible Hard to Understand?
Do Miracles Still Happen?
Is It Okay to Ask God Any Question?
1 Kings 19:9-16
Acts 14:26–15:31
Luke 24:13-32
Mark 2:1-12
Job 10:1-8; 38:1-7; 42:1-6

Brief Description

Why Is it Sometimes Hard to Hear God?

The world constantly bombards teenagers with images, sounds, and information. Technology has made it possible to be connected to some sort of media almost all the time, and our teenagers can attest to this in their lives. All of this information, this noise, can make it more difficult to hear a God who often speaks in a gentle whisper or even in silence. This session invites youth to think about the ways we listen for God.

Why Do People in Church Sometimes Not Get Along?

Ideally, the teenagers in your group see church as a place where people lift one another up in prayer and encourage one another in faith. But too often, churches make the news more for their arguing than for the good they do. Whose example are we following to deal with these conflicts? The Scripture in this session tells the story of the first major dispute in the early church and teaches youth important lessons about unity, hearing God’s calling in the midst of conflict and compromise.

Why Are Some Parts of the Bible Hard to Understand?

From calculus homework to the instruction manual on the new TV, it seems we are always up against something that is just beyond our grasp. The Bible is no exception. To many teenagers (and to many adults!), the language is difficult to understand, the stories seem foreign, or the passages just don’t add up. This session uses Luke 24:13-32 to help youth understand that we all have an incomplete understanding of the ways of God—but there are things we can do when we are having a difficult time understanding the Bible.

Do Miracles Still Happen?

The Gospels are full of stories describing miracles, and our faith teaches us that God is still at work in the world. This session will guide your youth as they learn how to approach the issue of miracles—those described in the Bible and those we hear about today. Jesus shows us that the greatest miracles occur in our hearts and relationships, through the power of God, as we work for good and attempt to grow into the image of Christ.

Is It Okay to Ask God Any Question?

It is in our nature to be curious and to ask questions. However, when it comes to our relationship with God, we sometimes hesitate to ask “Why?” or “How?” This session will help teenagers deal with questions that just won’t go away and will lead them to understand that God gives us the freedom to wonder, to question, and to dream. And in this freedom, questions can lead us to a deeper understanding of God’s mystery, drawing us back, again and again, into a grace-filled relationship with God.

by Kris Norris

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