Joseph: Role Model for Christian Living


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“Joseph: Role Model for Christian Living”

The saga of Joseph recorded in Genesis 37-50 is a short story that involves moral teachings. Whether in betrayal, adversity, or success, he makes the best of his circumstances, remaining faithful and loyal to God. Though some of these stories might seem familiar, many youth may not know them. This unit focuses on Joseph, who, aside from Jesus, may be our finest biblical role-model for Christian living.

Session 1: Genesis 37:1-11 reveals Joseph as a 17-year-old dreamer with great aspirations. Throughout his life, he encounters those seeking to squelch his dream. God, however, brings good from evil, and the events of Joseph’s life are ultimately revealed as having been guided by God, not by human actions. Joseph’s vision wasn’t simply his dream: it was God’s, and involved the future of Israel as the people of God. In session one, young people are led to consider how their greatest dreams and aspirations involve God.

Session 2: A review of Genesis 39:1-23 sets Joseph apart as a person of strong moral character whose loyal stance cost him position, freedom, and credibility. His loyalty paid off in the end as God remained faithful to Joseph, showing him steadfast love and granting him favor. Session two encourages teenagers to stand firm for their commitments whether in good times or bad.

Session 3: An examination of Genesis 40:1-23 shows Joseph’s patience, diligence, and loyalty in spite of adversity. A call for patience does not sell well in a society of convenience and immediate gratification. Patience is something we claim to want, but it’s not something many people work to achieve. We note that Joseph’s faithfulness doesn’t result in the immediate removal of his difficult conditions. Session three helps young people think about how to be more patient when they experience tough times.

Session 4: Genesis 41:37-57 tells the story of Joseph’s rise to power in Egypt. Before he was trusted with great things, however, Joseph established his dependability by successfully managing lesser responsibilities. Our youth may never rule a country, but they are making decisions that affect their lives and those who love them. Session four shows how today’s teenagers can overcome adversity to gain wisdom and develop a sense of responsibility, much like Joseph.

Session 5: A review of Genesis 45:1-8 and 50:15-21 reveals a major turning point in Joseph’s life. Through forgiveness, he breaks the power of betrayal that began when he was a teenager, in chapter 37. Forgiveness and reconciliation liberate Joseph of any anger and free him to follow God into the future. Session five helps youth think about times they’ve been betrayed, how they might offer forgiveness, and how compassion and reconciliation can help them turn from the past to look towards the future.

by Tommy Justus

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