God’s Kingdom Come


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Intersection includes complete resources for teaching both younger and older youth, including learner’s materials, teaching guides, and handouts. The teaching guide is options-based, so teachers can customize sessions to match their favorite approach.

“God’s Kingdom Come”

As we prepare to celebrate Jesus’ arrival, we simultaneously celebrate the approach of God’s kingdom. Jesus’ birth helps us learn about the kingdom of God. This unit provides ideas and activities both to assist youth in understanding God’s reign and to help them realize their opportunity to participate in the development of the kingdom of God.

In Session One, guide your young people to focus on how they can prepare now to celebrate the arrival of the Christ child. Use Isaiah 40:1-11 to help them consider how they might prepare differently during this particular Advent season. God’s kingdom is approaching and the arrival of Christ is the beginning of making God known to all people. Our invitation is to prepare and to participate in sharing the good news.

In Session Two, Isaiah 65:17-25 describes the new creation that will come to exist once God transforms the heavens and earth. This creation will be different from that of the past. In the new Jerusalem restored, all order is reversed and creation is at peace. Teenagers can connect with this text, because either they or people they know are in search of peace. Help your youth understand the ways that Jesus brought—and continues to bring—peace to our world. Encourage them to find their place in helping make this peaceful kingdom possible in a world filled with unrest and chaos.

Session Three challenges youth to consider their heritage. Matthew begins his account of Jesus’ life with Jesus’ genealogy. Help your young people understand why Matthew recorded Jesus’ earthly heritage and what 1:1-17 indicates about Jesus’ role and purpose. Guide them to see that they are a part of this genealogy—not necessarily in a historical sense, but certainly in a spiritual one. As a part of the Christian community, they have identified themselves with those who have come before them and have sought to follow God.

In Session Four, we study Isaiah 9:1-7 and Matthew 1:18-25, considering the various names given to Jesus and how each communicates something important about who he was and what he came to do. Names can say a lot about who we are. Ultimately, our names become one of the primary mediums through which we are identified. Lead your teens to consider what it means for Jesus to be a Wonderful Counselor, a Mighty God, an Everlasting Father, and a Prince of Peace (Isa 9:6). Guide them to reflect on Jesus as the Messiah (Mt 1:18), the Savior (Mt 1:21), and Emmanuel (Mt 1:23).

Finally, Session Five deals with the power of fear and how to prevent it from ruling our lives. In Matthew 2:13-23, Herod was so taken by his fear of Jesus’ presence that he plotted to get rid of him. Point out that when we are controlled by fear, we often react in ways that can be harmful to ourselves and to others. Instead of reacting out of their fears and worries, youth can make wise choices. Help your teens realize that, in general, placing our trust in God is the key to overcoming fear. Although our fears may not subside fully, trusting God offers a better perspective on life and provides proper channels for dealing with our troubles.

by Marcia Thompson

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