Decisions, Decisions


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Younger Youth

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Intersection for Younger Youth is a complete resource for teaching younger youth. This guide includes teaching procedures and reproducible resource pages. Intersection combines active, creative learning approaches with quality Bible study.

“Decisions, Decisions”

We learn from our mistakes. Sometimes the lessons are painful, but we are learning. As youth begin sifting through this process, the failures and the messes can become overwhelming unless someone is there to pick them up, dust them off, and encourage them along their way. Our greatest responsibility to young people is not in telling them which door to pick, but in congratulating them on their good decisions and to helping them pick up the pieces of their not-so-good decisions.

Session One: Just what does it mean to set limits? Younger youth are beginning to stretch their wings in the area of decision-making, and consequently they are beginning to take notice of the limits all around them. These limits are not only for their own protection, but they are also hopefully for their education so that they might be able to place appropriate limits on their own behavior.

Session Two: In this session, we will explore the difficulties of finding God’s will, and we will see that one primary way God helps us make decisions is through the development of the skill of decision-making. When we practice trusting the Lord, follow God’s teachings over and over, and “write them on the tablets of our hearts,” then some decisions become easier.

Session Three: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help them see the importance of making a commitment to what they know is right, and of keeping that commitment in the face of adversity.

Session Four: This session shows through the example of Esther that although they may seem insignificant, the everyday decisions that adolescents make are important building blocks in God’s great design for their lives. If they will let God use them, these raging reactors of potential energy will be instruments with which God can change the entire world.

Session Five: Our mistakes often help us learn. It is vital that young people realize life is a learning process and with learning comes mistakes. We hope that by the grace of God we have forgiveness for the mistakes we make, and we find the courage to try again.

Session Six: What does it mean when you and a fellow Christian come to different decisions? How can one hold Christian convictions that result in serious ethical decisions, and still be tolerant of those who decide differently? For many, that dilemma would lead in one of two directions: either one of us has reasoned incorrectly, and therefore stands in need of correction, or worse, one of us has rested on an improper conviction, and therefore is not to be trusted or taken seriously. The result has been intolerance, hatred, ridicule, division, even violence. The apostle Paul offers a way out of this dilemma and, not surprisingly, this way is grounded in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

by Steve Cothran

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