Written On My Heart

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Written On My Heart
Daily Devotions for Your Journey through the Bible

by Ann H. Smith

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Paperback/288 Pages

Devotion / Inspiration
ISBN: 978-1-57312-549-9

Brief Description

Accustomed to reading through the Bible each year, Ann Smith’s life changed the year she decided to keep a journal, ask God’s guidance, and seek new insights. The result was a fresh and exciting odyssey that challenged, surprised, and renewed her faith. Written on My Heart: Daily Devotions for Your Journey through the Bible emerged from those experiences and inspires readers to hear God’s voice in their own biblical journeys. It is the perfect companion for your own year-long odyssey through the Bible.

About the Author

Ann Smith began writing as a way to market her business but discovered (to her surprise) that she enjoyed it. She writes monthly columns on business and personal development for publications in Macon, Georgia. She speaks at conferences and teaches young adult Sunday school. Born in Atlanta, Ann and her husband, Jim, live in Macon, Georgia, and are the parents of two adult sons. She enjoys reading, bird-watching, exercise, and college football.

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