Worship: A Symphony for the Senses Volume 3

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Worship: A Symphony for the Senses
Volume 3 – Sermons: Words of Grace in Seasons of Mercy

by C. Welton Gaddy

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Paperback/328 Pages

ISBN: 1-57312-194-0

Brief Description

Worship: A Symphony for the Senses is a three-volume series that presents Christian worship as an encounter to be experienced by the entire person — heart, mind, and all the senses. Few resources for worship bring together all these dimensions of a corporate service — a quality that makes this series invaluable for anyone involved in worship planning or in the study of the theology and philosophy of worship.

Gaddy presents a book of sermon materials that compliments precisely the book of orders of worship that is introduced in volume 2. This book begins with a brief statement on the relationship between preaching and worship — an essay that could have great importance in its own right. In conclusion, a sermon is provided for every service that is offered in Volume 2.

About the Author

C. Welton Gaddy serves as the Executive Director of The Interfaith Alliance and The Interfaith Alliance Foundation in Washington, DC. He is a popular speaker on worship and faith and public life and is the author of several books on worship.

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