Worship: A Symphony for the Senses Vol. 1

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Worship: A Symphony for the Senses
Vol. 1 – Resources

by C. Welton Gaddy & Donald W. Nixon

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Hardcover/352 Pages

ISBN: 1-57312-256-4

Brief Description

Worship: A Symphony for the Senses is a three-volume series that presents Christian worship as an encounter to be experienced by the entire person — heart, mind, and all the senses.

Volume 1 – Resources is a revision of the popular Worship Resources for Christian Congregations: A Symphony for the Senses (1995), with new materials and additional suggestions, including films and videos.

About the Author

C. Welton Gaddy serves as the Executive Director of The Interfaith Alliance and The Interfaith Alliance Foundation in Washington, DC. He is a popular speaker on worship and faith and public life and is the author of several books on worship.

Donald W. Nixon is Minister of the Arts of Willow Meadows Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. He lectures on the visual arts in worship and serves as a creative consultant in floral artistry.

Table of Contents

Preface to the Second Edition
Preface to the First Edition
Introduction: A Call to Worship
Chapter 1: A Symphony for the Senses
A New Way of Thinking
Sensuous Worship
Truth in a Vase
Meaningful Movement
Chapter 2: Resources for the Christian Year
Advent: A Season of Waiting
Christmas: A Season of Fulfillment
Epiphany: A Season of Revelation
Lent: A Season of Penitence
Holy Week: A Season of Passion
Easter: A Season of Celebration
Pentecost: A Season of Fire
The Sundays After Pentecost: A Season of Growth
Annotated Orders of Worship
Christian Symbols
Constructing Banners

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