Witness of a Fragile Servant

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Witness of a Fragile Servant
A Personal Look at Pastoral Preaching

by Charles B. Bugg

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ISBN: 1-57312-389-7

Brief Description

Many pastors come to ministry with the potentially lethal combination of low self-esteem and high expectations of themselves and others. While the minister is set aside to preach, he or she is not immune to the same struggles that everyone faces. How they deal with themselves as persons is reflected in their proclamations as pastor and preacher. Witness of a Fragile Servant looks at both the preparation of the preacher and the sermon. It tries to call ministers to care for themselves as well as to cultivate effective sermons.

About the Author

Charles B. Bugg has spent his professional career as a pastor and a professor of preaching, having served several key churches and seminaries. He currently serves as adjunct professor at Georgetown College in Georgetown, Kentucky, leadership consultant for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and as interim pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Lexington, Kentucky. Bugg is the author of numerous books including Transformational Leadership, Lingering Grief, A Faith to Meet Our Fears, Preaching & Intimacy and Witness of a Fragile Servant: A Personal Look at Pastoral Preaching.

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