With Us in the Wilderness

With Us in the Wilderness

With Us in the Wilderness

Finding God’s Story in Our Lives

by Laura A. Barclay

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Paperback | 120 pages

Devotion / Inspiration
ISBN: 978-1-57312-721-9

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Brief Description

What stories compose your spiritual biography?

How do biblical narratives echo through your own experiences? Where does your path intersect with God in both profound and mundane moments?

In With Us in the Wilderness, Laura Barclay shares her own stories of the intersection of the divine and the everyday, guiding readers toward identifying and embracing God’s presence in their own narratives. Through the perspective of faith, hope, love, and each of the four cardinal virtues —Prudence, Justice, Temperance, and Courage—Barclay explains how, by exploring our spiritual biographies, we grow toward greater acceptance of our stories, greater understanding of God, and greater participation in the plan God has for our lives.

Laura A. Barclay has served churches and parachurch organizations for nearly a decade. An ordained minister, she earned her M.Div. from Wake Forest University School of Divinity and spent five years with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina as Social Ministries Coordinator. She currently manages networking, communications, and missions for the Kentucky Baptist Fellowship. She blogs at The Winding Labyrinth. She is married to Ryan Eller, a minister and community organizer. Laura can frequently be found decked out in red and cheering for her beloved Louisville Cardinals, her undergraduate alma mater.

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