For Unto Us

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For Unto Us

Lessons from the Life of Jesus

by Timothy L. Owings

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Paperback | 180 Pages

Spirituality / Christian Living
ISBN: 1-57312-444-3

Brief Description

The life of Jesus offers many lessons for today’s world-weary traveler. In For Unto Us: Lessons from the Life of Jesus, acclaimed pastor and author Timothy Owings considers Jesus’ life in a series ideal for use during Advent, Christmas, Easter, or any season of the Christian year. Chapters include reflections on the Magnificat, the sermon from the desert, the prayers and teachings of Jesus, and the passion and resurrection of Christ.

Jesus is the one person in history around whom the human family still finds hope, inspiration, courage, and joy. His life, death, and resurrection stand as the singular moment around which our calendar revolves and, for Christians, our lives turn. Owings takes us through the life of Jesus with a collection of twenty-five sermons using the Scriptures as his trusted guide.

— Excerpt taken from the Preface

About the Author

Timothy L. Owings is a church stewardship consultant with Resource Services, Inc. (RSI) in Dallas, Texas. After at 26-year ministry as senior pastor of five churches, he now partners with congregations in developing capital stewardship programs. Owings is the author of Hearing God in a Noisy World and Drowning in Shallow Water. He and his wife Kathie make their home in Augusta, Georgia.

Table of Contents

1. Shaking Heaven and Earth
2. Blessed Virgin Mary
3. A Disturbing Favor
4. Magnificat
5. Sermon from the Desert
6. Summons to Holy Living
7. Christmas Is for Children
Teach Us to Pray
8. Call God “Father”
9. From Here to Kingdom Come
10. Is Daily Bread Enough?
11. Conditional, Unqualified Forgiveness
12. Deliverance from Evil’s Temptation
Ears That Hear
13. Sit for Supper
14. Earthlinks with God
15. Stones for Bread
16. The Robbed Among Us
17. Risky Business
18. How Narrow?
19. The Far Gaze of God
Journey Into Life
20. Desperate Measures
21. From Death to Life
22. Upside Down
23. The Sacrament of Suffering
24. From the Depths of Sin and Shame
25. Finding the Risen Lord

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