There’s More Than One Color in the Pew

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There’s More Than One Color in the Pew
A Handbook for Multicultural, Multiracial Churches

by Tony Mathews

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Brief Description

Churches get ready! People from different cultures and races are not only moving to the same neighborhoods, they are also attending the same local churches. The need for pastors to be able to lead diverse congregations is growing. A call is being sounded for laity in such congregations to acquire greater skills to care for one another.

There’s More Than One Color In The Pew analyzes the pastorate from a multicultural, multiracial perspective. The book presents the challenges and successes of pastoring different cultures and races, as well as barriers that impede growth and relationships among the laity. Each chapter includes questions for individual consideration or class discussion. For larger groups, a handy guide for leading a seminar on the multicultural, multiracial church is also provided. Both the practitioner who pastors integrated congregations and the congregation experiencing racial and cultural transition will find this book invaluable.

About the Author

Tony Mathews is Senior Pastor of North Garland Baptist Fellowship in Garland, Texas and president of Jacob’s Well Ministries. He has taught multiracial ministry at The Criswell College in Dallas, Texas and has pastored a multicultural, multiracial church for the last ten years. He holds the Doctor of Ministry Degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.

Table of Contents


1. Overcoming “Cold Feet” Before the Marriage
2. Common Denominators for Building Relationships
3. Mortal Combat and God’s Diplomat
4. Surface Integration Is Not Enough
5. Recruiting and Coaching the Dream Team
6. Confronting the “They Don’t Do It Like Us” Syndrome
7. How to Scratch Itches Through the Worship Service

Leading a Seminar on Multicultural, Multiracial Ministry

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