Termites on the Ark

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Termites on the Ark
Creative Ideas for Teaching Children

by Pat H. Fulbright

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Paperback/192 Pages

Ministry / Christian Education
ISBN: 1-57312-171-1

Brief Description

Fun with learning! That’s the idea behind Termites on the Ark. The book presents challenging and innovative ways to teach the Bible to children while being sensitive to learning styles and other factors that influence learning. The book is intended to be a supplement or enhancement to other resources being used, to help the Bible stories come alive for children, and to help teachers to regain joy in teaching.

About the Author

Pat H. Fulbright is an author, independent consultant, and workshop and conference leader in the field of Christian education for children. She is the author of Falling Apart and Other Fallacies: Stories of Survival and Recovery and Troubled Teens — Troubled Parents.

Table of Contents

Introduction – Formulating: Building Your Own Teaching Rationale
Chapter 1. Identifying: Recognizing Factors That Influence Learning
Chapter 2. Preparing: Providing an Exciting Learning Environment
Chapter 3. Perceiving: Learning about Eastern Customs
Chapter 4. Simulating: Experiencing Adventure Through Drama
Chapter 5. Pondering: Relating Feelings to Bible Characters
Chapter 6. Narrating: Telling Stories to Encourage Feedback
Chapter 7. Molding: Developing Values and Ethics
Chapter 8. Reenacting: Enjoying Jewish Traditions
Chapter 9. Celebrating: Observing Special Seasons
Chapter 10. Searching: Having Fun with Research
Chapter 11. Imaging: Using Visuals to Stimulate Thinking
Chapter 12. Introducing/Reviewing: Beginning/Reinforcing a Unit of Study
Chapter 13. Resting: Learning Without Supervision
Chapter 14. Praising: Worshiping Through Music and Prayer
Chapter 15. Caring: Participating in Ministry Activities
Chapter 16. Playing: Engaging in Recreation That Teaches

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