Surviving Ministry

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Surviving Ministry

by Ronald D. Sisk

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Ministry / Leadership
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Brief Description

How can I balance family life and ministry? How do I gain control of my time? What if I want to leave the ministry?

Surviving Ministry uses questions, case studies, historical and biblical analysis to inform the public and private ethics of the parish minister. Topics include: ministry as a calling and a job, the minister’s spirituality, stewardship of personal and family time, ministerial authority and leadership, shepherding, and prophetic ministry. This book combines theory and practice, useful to both practicing and prospective ministers. Few texts address both the public and private ethics of ministers.

About the Author

Ronald D. Sisk is pastor of Crescent Hill Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky. He received a Ph.D. from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Table of Contents


I. The Private Sphere – Problems of the Minister’s Personal Christian Life

Chapter 1. Vocation
How do I receive my call?
How do I choose a job in ministry?
What if I want to get out of the ministry?

Chapter 2. Spirituality
What are the appropriate public constraints for my personal activities?
What are the appropriate private standards for the expression of my faith convictions?
What should I do when my faith convictions conflict with those of my faith community?

Chapter 3. Stewardship
How do I balance family life and ministry?
How do I care for my own personal physical and emotional well-being?
How do I gain control of the time I spend on the job?

II. The Public Sphere – Problems of the Minister’s Life in Professional Practice

Chapter 4. Authority
Where do I get my authority?
How can I negotiate a congregational contract?
How can I build leadership in an ongoing relationship?

Chapter 5. Shepherding
How do I preach ethically as a Christian?
What ethical guidelines apply for my service as a teacher?
How should I approach the ethics of counseling parishioners?

Chapter 6. Prophecy
What ethics apply to my practice of evangelism in seeking to help a church grow?
How hard should I push a church toward theologically correct but unpopular social action ministry?
How do I balance prophetic and pastoral concerns in preaching and church leadership in order to care for the welfare of the church body?


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