Shadow on the Rainbow

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Shadow on the Rainbow

A Story of Friendship, Love, and Hope

by Linda Rogers McGehee

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Paperback | 160 Pages

Spirituality / Christian Living
ISBN: 1-57312-381-1

Brief Description

Shadow on the Rainbow illuminates an honest struggle to answer ultimate, sacred questions of life and death. Told with humor and poignant affection, this story for today reveals ancient wisdom in finding unmistakable answers. Formatted for devotional use or adult discussion groups, this book is directed toward those who want to face death with a believable faith and to those who long for help as they face the loss of loved ones. Friends, family, and churches can also gain insight for supporting people in such crises.

About the Author

Linda Rogers McGehee is a writer, wife, mother, grandmother and landscape
designer who is a member of Northminster Baptist Church in Jackson, Mississippi. She has been honored for her volunteer work and fund-raising effects on behalf of children with cancer.

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