Seasons in the Year

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Seasons in the Year
Poems, Prayers, Praise, and Prose

by J. Timothy Allen

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Paperback/176 Pages

Devotion / Inspiration
ISBN: 1-880837-22-6

Brief Description

Allen delivers a collage of inspirational poems, sermons, Bible studies, stories, songs, hymns, reflections, and anecdotes drawn from the ordinary experiences of life, which when viewed in the floodlight of the gospel suddenly become extraordinarily illuminated and illuminating. Thematically arranged according to the emphases of the Christian Year (Advent and Christmas, Epiphany, Lent and Easter, Pentecost), this collection is extremely usable as a sourcebook for personal and community devotion, worship, and study.

About the Author

J. Timothy Allen is the pastor of the Liberty Vance United Church of Christ in Henderson, North Carolina. A graduate of the University of South Carolina — Columbia, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and the University of North Carolina — Chapel Hill, Allen has served Baptist Churches in South Carolina and North Carolina. He has had numerous articles published in journals and magazines.

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