Preaching & Intimacy

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Preaching & Intimacy
Preparing the Message and the Messenger

by Charles B. Bugg

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Ministry / Leadership
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Brief Description

Intimacy has multiple meanings for preaching. It affirms the crucial role the messenger has in the message. It is the quality that helps to establish a relationship between the hearer and the speaker. It is a “holistic” approach to preaching.

Designed to help both the student and the practicing minister communicate more effectively, Preaching & Intimacy begins with the preacher as a person and moves through the components that are essential to preaching. Attention is given to a minister’s relationship with God, his/her feelings about himself/herself, how to imaginatively engage a biblical text, how to think of the listeners, and then how to address and deliver a sermon. Emphasis is put on the preacher’s investment in the sermon so that when it is spoken, it is authentic and real.

About the Author

Charles B. Bugg has spent his professional career as a pastor and a professor of preaching, having served several key churches and seminaries. He currently serves as adjunct professor at Georgetown College in Georgetown, Kentucky, leadership consultant for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and as interim pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Lexington, Kentucky. Bugg is the author of numerous books including Transformational Leadership, Lingering Grief, A Faith to Meet Our Fears, Preaching & Intimacy and Witness of a Fragile Servant: A Personal Look at Pastoral Preaching.

Table of Contents

Sermon Contributors


Preparing to Release the Message

Chapter 1
Connecting with God

Chapter 2
Connecting with the Listeners

Chapter 3
Connecting with Ourselves

Chapter 4
Connecting with the Bible

Chapter 5
Releasing the Message

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