A Patchwork of Blessings & Graces

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A Patchwork of Blessings & Graces

Mary Daniels, ed.

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Paperback/78 Pages

Devotion / Inspiration
ISBN: 1-57312-050-2

Brief Description

Blessings and graces are like snowflakes. They drift, change, and hover silently and without weight. Although they may look similar, each one is slightly different. They come when least expected, but when they do arrive their impact can be breathtaking. This new collection has been put together over many years. The prayers within in are drawn from a wide range of sources, from saints and famous men and women to friends and family members of the editor herself. Despite the diversity of sources however, they all have one thing in common— they are products of love, and each one will bring a little warmth into the lives that hear it. A perfect gift book.

About the Author

Mary Daniels is a freelance journalist and a former nurse and health visitor. She was born in Surrey, England, and spent her childhood in rural Warwickshire before marrying her husband John, himself a journalist.

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