Nothing Never Happens

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Nothing Never Happens
Experiential Learning and the Church

by John D. Hendrix

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Ministry / Leadership
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Brief Description

Nothing Never Happens: Experiential Learning and the Church by beloved Christian educator, pastor, and author John Hendrix is the book his generations of students and readers have long-awaited. Hendrix reveals exciting connections between learning theory and biblical interpretation, nudging Christians to discover a fresh way to teach and learn from scripture. A stimulating read for educators, ministers and lifelong learners. As C. Edward Richardson writes, “Hendrix pulls back the curtain of routine teaching so we can see that teaching and biblical interpretation has a lot more to do with mystery and incarnation than it does with learning styles or bible dictionaries and commentaries.”

About the Author

John D. Hendrix was for 11 years the Basil Manly Jr. Professor of Christian Education at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, where he inspired ministers with the joy of teaching. He has ministered at several churches in the southeast, and is now retired. He co-authored Celebrate Advent and authored Experiential Education, X-Ed.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Experiential Learning: Cycles and Polarities
Chapter 2 – Taste and See: Metaphors
Chapter 3 – Nothing Never Happens: Experience
Chapter 4 – Word Weaving: Exegesis
Chapter 5 – The Heart Has Its Reasons: Reflection
Chapter 6 – The Reflective Practitioner: Application
Chapter 7 – Come and Die: Leadership
Chapter 8 – Rearranging the Furniture of the Mind: Preaching
Chapter 9 – Reading from the Margins: Cross-cultural Bible Study
Chapter 10 – The Seed Finders: Curriculum

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